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Food is an intimate action. Every day we share a meal with people and maybe we donโ€™t really understand the depths of whatโ€™s happening. Food has the ability to make walls vanish, tensions fall, and hearts reunite. Down to what the core of what food is, it's only fuel; it can be gray paste with no flavor. Itโ€™s purely to give us fuel to do the next task. Salts, vinegar, oils, spices, and different cooking methods are what give depth to our dishes. The people we share these dishes with are the true prize. Smokey Gringo is a place that exercises that method.


Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 4PM - 8PM
Wednesday & Thursday: 11AM - 8PM
Friday - Sunday: 11AM - 9PM

49 North Jackson Street
Winder, GA 30680


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Feel free to contact us about any concerns or questions. We offer catering and vending services for festivals, corporate, and small events. You can also reach us by phone (470)-429-3969.We look forward to hearing from you.

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